Family therapy

I have extensive experience working with children’s issues such as defiance and oppositionality, anxiety, attention problems, depression, adjustment to family transitions, social rejection, bedwetting and toileting difficulties, and parent/child conflicts. I use methods supported by research and evidence to make change happen.

Parenting skills enhancement
Many problems improve swiftly when parents learn new strategies to manage their children’s behavioral and emotional problems. These techniques help parents set limits in a specific way, and establish a system of incentives and consequences to motivate their children. I tailor the recommendations I offer to children’s developmental needs, and I build on parents’ strengths.

Child coping skills development
Other problems are best addressed when children learn techniques that they need to confront their challenges. These include gaining skills to reduce feelings such as worry, sadness, or anger. Other kids need assistance in learning how to relate with peers more successfully or how to make better choices regarding their behavior. I am caring, reassuring, and patient in my work with children.

Goal-directed, supportive approach
Regardless of the problem, parents can be an important part of the solution. I work with parents as partners in treatment to collaboratively set clear goals and monitor progress. High levels of support, encouragement, and respect are hallmarks of my approach.

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